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Brunch Class 7/17

By July 20, 2021July 30th, 2021No Comments


Another exciting class, another class update for you all. We recently hosted the lovely Brunch class with Chef Janon. It has all those great recipes that satisfy your sweet breakfast and savory lunch cravings when you just can’t decide. Chef said it best when she stated “you’ll go home with brag worthy recipes” at the end of class. Very true because everything on the menu is absolutely TDF ūüėČ

In this class we go home with some amazing dishes:

  • Chicken & Apple Sausage with Carrot Ribbon Salad
  • Potato Galette
  • Eggs Florentine
  • Stuffed French Toast
  • Cauliflower Crust Quiche¬†

Plus, when you join us in person we have a nice fruity, French cocktail you get to try! Okay so it mayyy be alcohol free, but nobody will tell if you edit the recipe once you get home..

So I’m betting you’ve noticed over the last several years that “brunching” has really been flexing its muscle. Lines are out the door, a Bloody Mary is an entr√©e now, and everything¬†is artisanal. It doesn’t really conjure up that peaceful Sunday morning vibe anymore. That’s why its nice to have some of these simple yet elegant dishes to fall back on that come together in a snap. Take it easy rather than venturing out and YOU host brunch this weekend! We give you all the tips and tricks you’ll need to prepare a lovely spread for you and your closest – Instagram selfies optional.¬†

This is definitely a “toolkit” class in that it’s good to have these as go-to’s in your back pocket. They all start fairly simple but can still impress!¬†

We had some fun practicing poaching eggs for the dishes. It’s a good skill to learn since poached eggs are the basis for numerous dishes for both brunch and beyond. All about that swirl!

Teaching something is the best way to learn it right? Once we had a couple students get the poaching technique down just right, they passed it on to our youngest chef of the day who was already on it helping us simmer down some spinach.. 

Of all the interesting combinations in the class, this was definitely my favorite. So, I’m a fan of blueberries. And chicken. And sausage. Combine them all together you say? Absolutely! Turns out it makes a delicious sweet and savory brunch side that works unexpectedly well. Simply the idea of making homemade sausage sounds daunting but Chef Janon shows you how it’s truly something anyone is capable of.¬†

Just take a look at the beautiful pop of color those blueberries add. Not to mention the tartness goes great with the natural saltiness you get from browning the sausage. The most fun aspect is that these weren’t even written into the recipe! We had some extras and Chef decided it would be a great last minute addition. Not only did we mix some into the sausage, our French Toast recipe got an upgrade as well. We make a velvety cream cheese from scratch for the recipe and guess what – we added blueberries! It really took it over the top and made it all the more fresh tasting. It’s always fun to see the students’ reaction when the cream cheese finally comes together and realize they actually made cheese themselves!

I’ll finish with what was one of my favorite photos from the class, if not the week! We had Pam bring along her granddaughter Julia for class and it was such an absolute joy. She’s not in town too often but always wants to attend a class when she can make it in. Personally, I can’t stress enough the importance of getting children into cooking at a young age. I fondly remember growing up with my grandma in the kitchen, learning how to cook without even realizing I was being taught. These small moments form the foundations for future skills in the kitchen and are so valuable. Chef Janon and I get so excited whenever we see young people attending because we know what a difference it makes to get started early. We encourage you to check out our calendar for any upcoming classes and be sure to let us know if you have any ideas for future offerings!

Au revoir for now folks.





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