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Crêpes Class 10/16

By October 16, 2021No Comments


One of the many great things about our classes here at TFK are that they make what seem like difficult classics attainable to the everyday person. Once you learn the process behind these great dishes it can be less intimidating – especially when you have an expert by your side! Case in point is our famous Crêpes class. Being our longest class at 5 hours, its an in depth look at all facets of crêpe making. From sweet to savory to explaining the different filling options, Chef Blandine guides you through the steps of making authentic French crêpes from making the batter to plating the final product.

Now if you haven’t, I highly recommend checking out the class description page since it gives quite a bit of background to the origins of the class as well as Chef Blandine’s background in her crêpe skills. Once you’ve brushed up on the history be sure to head over to check the availability of future dates as additional classes aren’t until next year and are already starting to fill up (check here). Not only do you take home the experience of making authentic sweet and savory French crêpes, there’s also the deeeelicious toppings and fillings we go over creating. Along with the two types of batter we also make:

  • Salted Butter Caramel (yes THE caramel!)
  • Chocolate Sauce
  • Caramelized Apples
  • Clarified Butter
  • Leek Fondue
  • Garlic & Parsley Sautéed Mushrooms

Starting with the batter we go over the ingredients and desired consistency. Not just as a target, but with an explanation as to why it helps spread differently and create a better crêpe. Who knew it took so much slapping to get the perfect crêpe batter! Next time you need to get out some stress, come to a crêpes class. You WILL get a little messy..

Then onto the veggies needed for the fillings. We get everything nicely diced in preparation for the leek fondue and garlic sautéed mushrooms. While we have some students preparing the savory side, our sweet team gets going on measuring out all the chocolate, sugar, and buttery goodness needed to get our caramel and chocolate sauces started. Just look at how beautiful these came out!

And finally…

What everyone is waiting for..

Crêpes! It’s at this point that Chef Blandine begins going over the fundamentals and techniques for making the perfect crêpe. After several minutes of explanation and demonstration it’s time to try for yourself. Each student’s station has a griddle and all the tools necessary to make these light, fluffy treats. This is the part of class where everyone starts to let go and just have fun! For the remainder of the class it’s not so serious and really just a good time with everyone trying to get mostly round pours.

It’s NOT just a flat pancake!!

There’s so much more to the crêpe than just being a pancake’s cousin with an accent. The versatility, variety, history and so much more make it truly a French national dish that’s worthy of the 5 hour class runtime. Think of it as a crash course in crêpes covering literally any and all questions you could have about it. Did I also mention it’s just about the only authentic crêpe course you can take in all of Colorado? Pretty great!

Ever made your own at home? Let us know how you did and what you chose to top them with! We’re always looking for cool new ideas and love to hear from TFK friends and family.

Au revoir for now folks!


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