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The Adventure Begins

By August 29, 2022No Comments

Blandine and Brad are Biking
~ and Eating ~
Their Way Through France


And they’re off! Not ones for wasting time… or sitting still… or sleeping… Blandine & Brad are already pedaling along on Stop #1 of their journey through the scenic streets of Paris, France. (Are we all more than a little envious?)


“Bonjour Colorado Springs! This is it… we have landed in France and I am finally back after more than 3 years without visiting. Our first stop was in the southeast of Paris to visit my brother. We took his bikes that are over 50 years old to ride around town.”





Très chicnon?

Blandine clearly has her priorities in order: Family first, then Cheese. With Blandine’s brother, they explored the streets on their way to pick up food for later including Blandine’s favorite cheese – Reblochon – which is actually illegal in the US! That means it must be extra tasty, right?

Tasty treats in hand,
they headed back to cook up some delicious looking food….

…and hopefully get some much deserved rest!

Hey, Blandine! Share!

“Today was super easy biking with fun bikes and no gear! The real riding is coming soon!”

Stay tuned for more
deliciously cheesy adventures
with Blandine & Brad!

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