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Happy Cows & Killer Passes

By September 6, 2022No Comments

Our Day 8 Adventures:
Happy Cows & Killer Passes

On our last day in the Alps region, Brad and I went different ways…

I went hiking with my Aunt Jacquie and my Uncle Marc in Meribel, a ski resort in the Savoie region. Jacquie picked the perfect hike for me. It had everything I love about hiking in the Alps: wide and narrow trails, woods, lakes, stream the whole way, cows, mountain huts, and gorgeous views!

We started our 8.9-mile / 1680-foot elevation hike towards the Refuge du Saut and quickly found a very active milk-white stream coming from a glacier. The view was splendid and we were accompanied by the whistle of hidden marmots… until we actually saw some!

But the best part for me was at a turn when we started to see cows walking on our path. I love hearing the bells of the cows in the mountain pastures, free to enjoy any fresh green grass they want. Maybe this is why French cheese and butter are so good! We had our picnic at one of mountain huts we passed along the way. It is quite typical here to go hiking or skiing and spend the night in a hut.

The way back offered new, incredible views. We even found an empty ski resort, as shops were taking their vacation in-between busy seasons, with gorgeous ski chalets. We then waited for the cyclists in Meribel…


Brad and Pascal started their ride in Theys at 7am…

and finished 8 hours and almost 100 miles later!

They took a crazy route – very close to stage 17 of the 2020 Tour de France – from Theys to Col de la Loze (a pass), via Col de la Madeleine (another pass), and they even added a third pass for a total of 14,000 feet of elevation!

They said the La Loze pass was brutal. Pascal described it as facing a wall with a 20% incline (pictured right), but he finished… his longest ride ever!

Brad has now completed his 4th Tour de France pass in just a few days. He did say that he was pretty happy he did it…. so he would never have to do it again!

Cyclists beware: this pass is a tough one!

Congrats, guys! Great ride!

Tomorrow it’s back to Lyon to catch the Via Rhona again!

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