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Hiking with Friends in Grenoble

By September 6, 2022No Comments

Just Like the Good Old Times!

Sunday was spent in Grenoble with friends, just like the good old times when I lived there. Grenoble is surrounded by mountains, trails, and ski resorts. The hiking possibilities are infinite!

Our day started with breakfast together before preparing our sandwiches with rillettes, ham, and more Reblochon, but also another excellent cheese called Beaufort, that you can find in the US at an exorbitant price. However, when it reaches America, it is never as good as one just bought in summer at a market in France, sorry!

We then headed to a lake, chatted, and goofed around a lot. I spent quite some time at the lake amongst the girls while the guys went up the pass “Col de la Mine de Fer”.

Next, we stopped at a local fair in the village of Theys.

We finished the day with an amazing Chicken Thai Curry made by Vanessa with some of my dad’s homegrown vegetables.

We also enjoyed a friendly competition of backyard Ping Pong!

Today, Brad discovered what hiking with friends in France is like and how dinner often starts at 9:00pm after “aperitif” and ends around 10:00 to 11:00 pm. (That’s a bit tough when we wake up early and exercise all day!)

Now, are you curious what a French grocery store looks like? If you want to see some of the aisles inside a French grocery store, keep scrolling!

A couple of important things to know about a French grocery store:

  • You have to put a coin in the cart to be able to use it. Always have a 1-euro coin on you.
  • Lardons: check out the selection! Can’t find these in the US, so we always cut thick bacon to make them.
  • Yogurt aisles (yes, there’s more than one!!!) – I so miss French yogurts. Much cheaper, great texture, and amazing variety.
  • Charcuterie and cheese selection are pretty great, nothing like a local shop in terms of quality but still great.
  • Cereals: that’s all you see…
  • Chocolate bars section: yummmmm!
  • Chips selection: small… mainly for picnics! You can tell from Brad’s face…
  • Nutella photo: look for the maple syrup… can you find it? That’s it!
Monster Munch, mieux vaut tous les capturer!
(Going crazy for Monster Munch….it’s a French commercial!)

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