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Paris, Sunsets, and Queenets!

By September 13, 2022No Comments

We spent our last weekend in France in the beautiful city of Paris. We walked a lot (that’s what you do in Paris!), visited the Louvre, spent time with friends and family, and tried more food, of course, including Le Mercado Loco from Chef Juan Arbelaez.

Brad thoroughly enjoyed a bike ride on the Champs Elysées and around the Arc de Triomphe. This is something you must do if you are a cyclist, especially if you enjoy the Tour de France!

We also visited a Food Truck Festival that was pretty neat to try thanks to all the different varieties of food offered by the many food trucks.

In case you were wondering, this the best macaron place in Paris:
Pierre Hermé!

Also here’s a delicious ice cream store called Une Glace à Paris from a MOF, or Meilleur Ouvrier de France (artisans who work extremely hard to get the blue, white and red collar).

We also enjoyed a gorgeous Parisian sunset…

…and spent one last night out on the town with friends!




And I have one last surprise for you…




…French Queenets!
(Les Kouignettes!)

We had a great time biking and sharing our adventures with you from France.
Thank you so much for following us, commenting, sharing, and encouraging us on our journey.

We hope you enjoyed the ride!

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