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Locally-Owned Home Improvement Companies

By October 29, 2022No Comments

Reliable & Hardworking
Home Improvement Companies

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Today’s topic is Home Improvement.

Need help with a project? You’re in good hands with these guys!

My story with Alex & Casey from Your Stream Home is pretty long, so I’ll keep it short and show you the impact of making connections!

I remember a 2-minute phone call with Matthew Schniper, the Food and Drink Editor at the Colorado Springs Indy. The next day, I met Shane Lyons, who started as Guest Chef with us. Then, Covid hit. Shane was a tremendous help saving the business. We started deliveries and needed a driver, luckily Shane knew someone, Ashley, our first driver.

Before he left, Shane found an amazing chef for us – Hogan.

A year later, I’m looking for a contractor for my home… This time, Hogan knew someone. Alex shows up, becomes not only my contractor, but also TFK’s contractor during our expansion. The connection? Alex is Ashley’s husband, our very first Delivery Driver!

Alex & Casey will not abandon you. They do everything they can to fix any issue that arises, and in these days, having a reliable company that works hard is priceless.

Speaking of reliable, Gary is from Dutch’s Home Improvement, another super reliable company. I have used his services for two different houses now and have never had any issues. This is a true family business who will stand by what they promise.

At Dutch’s, you will find someone who will listen to you and do their best to make your house look exactly the way you want.

Gary, thank you, you rock!

With these two complementary companies you can fix your house – inside & out!

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