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B+P French Trip: Day 1

By June 6, 2023No Comments

Bonjour Colorado Springs from France!

I am back to my home country for some new adventures. This time, I went with Pearline, my newest high school graduate. Our final destination: Brittany, the land of Crêpes. A quick airport wait enabled us to see my parents for a few hours, before flying to Brest, where my sister lives.

Our first dinner included a delicious “Cidre Artisanal” or Artisan Sparkling Apple Cider. You know we offer a cider at TFK… but that’s pretty much the only one we can find. When you visit Brittany, there is so much offering in terms of cider, as it is the official drink you sip while enjoying crêpes. You can usually find “doux”, “brut” “demi-sec”, that define how sugary it is, but also which percentage of alcohol it has. I got to say this one was excellent. It was accompanied by a fun little appetizer: buckwheat crêpe chips. We also of course enjoyed an assortment of cheeses and bread. In Colorado Springs, you know how the bread dries so fast, right? Here, it’s the opposite as we are just by the ocean… everything is so humid!

We started to explore the environment, by foot and by horse! From the countryside to the main city Brest. I love the stone houses, the noise of the seagulls, and the smell of the sea. After the Alps, it is truly a region I cherish.

Fun stuff: we saw a treadmill for horses, where a horse was exercising in music! He had a cord on his leg that he could pull in case he wanted to stop or in case he increased the speed too much (ok, that last part is not true!).

We’ve already started the week by trying food and getting ideas… I may bring something new to TFK… to be discussed with the team when I get back…
It was also pretty funny to see wine in cans, as we actually just started to carry wine cans at TFK! Have you tried them yet? This is something pretty new in France and the design was super cool. Trying them tomorrow once chilled…

Now look at the display of Brittany specialties in the grocery store: lots of packaged crêpes of course, Kouign Amann (you know our Queenets? That’s what they are!), and many buttery cakes and cookies.

Well, that’s it for today… tomorrow, we start working for real! to be continued… oh, I forgot to tell you this is a business trip!

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