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B+P French Trip: Day 2

By June 6, 2023June 9th, 2023One Comment

Bonjour Colorado Springs from France! Due to the wonders of WiFi and internet, we are a little behind on the posts, but let’s pretend today is Wednesday ok ?

As I mentioned yesterday, this is a business trip in a gorgeous setting. This morning, Pearline and I took our little stick shift rental car and drove in the grey weather morning that’s typical of Brittany. Our destination: The North coast of Brittany for a 4 day Crêpe training. I told you it was a business trip! My goal: to use a different route every day to see different landscapes, oh and to have 2 Crêpe pros at TFK: Pearline and I. As we drove in the morning hours, we found a beach before getting lost due to a closed road. It was actually pretty cool as we had to take “ribines”, tiny side roads where you can discover marvelous landscapes. So as we were trying to find our new route, we just started to see huge rounded rocks everywhere- houses and roads that were built around these rocks, just gorgeous and fun! I envied every cyclist I was passing as it would be so fun to just get lost everywhere here.

For the next 8 hours, we would be learning everything there is to know about Crêpes, how to improve our speed, how to serve several warm Crêpes at once etc… It was Pearline’s second time making Crêpes and she did amazing.

So why are we honing our Crêpe skills? Because you never know what will come next…

We ended the day pretty exhausted but I still wanted to see a few more gorgeous landscapes so I stopped at the site of Meneham by the sea. I love the coast of Brittany for the wilderness. I am not a beach person, except for landscapes like that, with little tourists, no big apartment complexes, just nature made for the pleasure of the eyes.

I finished the route with a detour through Plouguerneau, another village with stone houses. The stone churches feature a typical bell tower that has holes for the wind to go through but that is sturdy enough to survive strong storms. Can you tell it’s windy?
That’s it for today.

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