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B+P French Trip: Day 4

By June 13, 2023June 14th, 2023No Comments

Bonjour Colorado Springs from France! Today was our third day of training, but this time we prepared everything to serve 25 people. We spent the entire morning preparing salted butter caramel, caramelized apples deglazed with Cider, Eggplant caviar, Whipped Cream, and several other garnishes. For our lunch prior to service, we enjoyed making our own Italian crêpe from the menu, a combination I had not tried in crêpes and that was quite delish!

Since we are in a school, the clients are used to a practice service. They were seated all around the property. We got a little tour first: the owners have been remodeling an old farm and have done quite some work! It features 3 Airbnb, including a future fourth one in the boat! They are also revamping an old barn into an event space with antiques. It’s a pretty cool space with plenty of games. They also have outdoor peaceful areas, a garden and a future spot for chickens.

For an hour and a half, we were quite non-stop, making 61 crêpes with a menu we were discovering and a new technique to improve rapidity. We did quite a number of Crêpe Suzette with an orange butter we prepared earlier. Have you ever had Crêpe Suzette? And if so, what has been your experience with it? Flambée or not? Fan or not fan? I have had many crêpes in my life but I tried this staple for the first time today. I got to say we did pretty good and Pearline did amazing as it was her first service ever of any type of food! Although she was quite stressed before, she kept her calm throughout.

We then wanted to relax by walking on the beach in a new spot but the rain got us too fast! This is Brittany…

As for the rest of the evening, my sister and I met with Carmel in Brest, who is the president of the Brest-Denver Sister Cities Association. Our meeting point was Rue de Denver (Denver Street), in front of the US Naval Monument. If you look closely at the photo of me in front of the monument, I have one foot in America and 1 foot in France as the monument is the property of the American Government.

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