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B+P French Trip: Day 5

By June 14, 2023No Comments

Bonjour Colorado Springs from France! We finished our last day with another service for 25 people and got our certificate! I am definitely bringing back a lot of ideas to share with you.

We took a quick stroll on the beach before heading to Landeda, at Histoires de Crêpes. 14 years ago, I spent a few days in Olivier’s crêperie before I opened Wholly Crêpe. He helped me a lot in making delicious crêpes and giving me all the tips for success. I still use many things he taught me back then. He has now converted his crêperie in a crêpicerie (an épicerie is a small grocery store). Most of the product he prepared have a crêpe base. We tried a delicious tiramisu in which you would have never guessed the base was layers of crêpes as the texture really resembled a ladyfinger cake.

We then tried the 2 cans of wine I bought… verdict from older adults: they would not drink it. Opinion from younger adults: could be fun to drink. I do believe the cans are more aimed at younger adults. Have you tried our wines in cans at TFK?

This is it for our work week! Looking for a sunny weekend full of adventures.

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