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B+P French Trip: Day 6 and 7

By June 14, 2023No Comments

Day 6

Bonjour Colorado Springs from France! We are so lucky with the Brittany weather as we enjoyed a gorgeous sunny weekend. Brittany is well know for its quantity of rain… but we barely got some! Pearline being a fan of treetop adventure parks, we surprised her by taking her not to trees, but to a rock on the sea to do a via ferrata. Not a problem for her! But for me… I had to push my limits! It took me a few minutes to launch myself on the first zipline above the sea! I don’t regret doing it as the surroundings were gorgeous as we progressed around the rock. We even climbed down a narrow cave to get close to sea level.

Today, a little boat took us to the Island of Batz, on the northern coast, where you can walk or bike the island. It was very enjoyable to walk through the small town with zero cars. It allows you to thoroughly enjoy the landscape, the noise of the seagulls, the stone houses, the sea and the peacefulness of the island. This one is one of many that you can access by boat and visit.

We also tried a fun dish in a restaurant: a decomposed “Complete” (remember, this is the crêpe you will find in all crêperies). Under a “Kraz” (crispy) crêpes, you could find all the fillings: egg, ham and cheese, in a creamy filling.

I also wanted to try some Kouign Amann (you know our Queenets you love so much? They are from Brittany). I gotta say I much prefer the ones we do as every place where I tried one, it was either to dry or not flaky enough to my taste. Do you realize how lucky you are to have this divine treat right in Colorado Springs?

Day 7

Bonjour Colorado Springs from France. For our last 2 days, we are taking a little road trip towards the East. Our first stop: Dinan, a very cute town with paved street and timbered houses, just perfect for a lunch break.

We then drove up to Normandy to Mont St Michel. We arrived just in time to see the last part of the high tide. We were told it was impressive to see the rapidity of the tide… yes it was! As we walked on the bridge, we saw a wave progressing so fast, it covered rocks in just 2-3 minutes and pushed some seagulls away from their sand bank. This is a phenomenon that’s totally worth seeing.

We also really enjoyed the walk up to the abbey, especially as we were not bathing in tourists, like in the summer months! You really have to have look everywhere to catch tiny streets, a roof with an odd shape, a view of the sea, a seagull walking funny…
If you have visited this region, what was your favorite local food to try?

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