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B+P French Trip: Day 8

By June 15, 20232 Comments

Bonjour Colorado Springs from France! For our last day, we visited 2 gorgeous places in the typical Brittany mist. First stop was in St Malo, a fortified city and port on the North coast. You can take a very pleasant walk on the fortified walls, that are very well preserved.

This gives you a great view of the sea that comes right to the walls, but also on the city from above. What struck me the most was the size of the chimneys!

The walk throughout the old town enabled us to find gorgeous buildings, tiny streets, shops, a cathedral and smaller churches. This is definitely a stop I recommend as this fortified city is just gorgeous.

Our next stop was Dinard, a swell beach vacation spot that has seen many famous people. The top of the cliffs features majestic, eclectic, elegant houses. You can take a walk on a very narrow path between the cliff and the sea, that gives you gorgeous views of these houses.

We were lucky to arrive during low tide otherwise the path could be blocked by the sea! We also found a cool spot with plenty of oysters, mussels and periwinkles. We chose, however, to eat a last crêpe for lunch and leave the shellfish to the sea!

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed our photos and stories. I’ll see you soon at The French Kitchen!


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