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Introducing Our New Instructor Chef Luis!

By July 6, 2023No Comments
We’re excited to announce an addition to The French Kitchen family: please welcome our new instructor Chef Luis Pagan! Chef Luis’s qualifications are too long to list in a single blog post. However, we still want to give you a better idea of his history and experience. So, let’s learn a little more about him.

Chef Luis’s Journey

Though Chef Luis Pagan began his career in the U.S. Army, he was always drawn to cooking. This passion led him down a path that would result in him being a 3-times-over restaurant owner and accomplished culinary instructor.

For his first restaurant, Chef Luis channeled his native Peruvian/Puerto Rican cultural upbringing into a delicious menu. However, he quickly realized his passion for cooking wouldn’t be enough on its own. This led him to enroll in the PPCC Culinary Arts Program, where he would discover his true passion: teaching.

While Chef Luis began taking classes at PPCC, his instructors quickly saw his potential, and within no time, he was teaching courses himself. It wasn’t long before he became the Culinary Arts Chair at PPCC. Over the years, Chef Luis expanded his knowledge and experience by opening a second restaurant and a coffee shop. On top of that, he’s also taught Culinary Arts at a correctional facility and worked as a Culinary Instructor for the Fountain Fort Carson High School Culinary Program. Now, we’re proud to announce that he’s joined The French Kitchen family.

Chef Luis Pagan is excited to share his unique philosophy surrounding cooking. When you take classes with him, you’ll gain not only vital culinary skills but also an understanding of what makes a perfect dish truly successful.

In addition, we just got to try a tasting menu that highlighted Chef Luis’s Puerto Rican and Peruvian cultural background. Each dish opened our eyes to the unique flavors and cooking techniques found in both of these areas.
We’re excited to see what classes our new chef develops as he continues to work both here and at the Fountain Fort Carson High School Culinary Program. Chef Luis will also be taking over Chef Jason’s classes for the time being as he recovers from a leg injury. We can’t wait for you to meet him!

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