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Follow Along on our Next European Adventure! – Day 1

By March 10, 2024No Comments

Bonjour from Mallorca!
It’s only been a day but we already have seen a bunch! Right after landing, I took a windy and rainy walk with my parents towards the Santa Maria Cathedral. I already loved seeing the mandarin trees everywhere!

When my twin brother and sister joined us, we went to eat tapas, at Hispanic time. I especially enjoyed the calamaris, 2 ways, and the tortilla, which was light and tasty. The best part was when super fun mariachis came in the restaurant, so I had to ask them to sing Happy Birthday!  Made our night!

Today started with a walk to a bakery. Gotta stay French abroad! The light was perfect on the stone buildings and the marina. Taking little streets and staircases, we passed murals, lemon, orange and mandarin trees as well as cute inside courts.

If the thought of baked goods makes you hungry, be sure to stop by The French Kitchen or order ahead to secure your favorite French pastries!

After breakfast, we walked more (of course!), saw some of Gaudi Houses, to take a pretty old train to the Port of Soller and discovered a landscape of mountains and cute villages, which I will explore more by bike the following week. It was fun to go on the outside platform of the train and tram and to walk through the tiny street of Soller and the Marina.

I did not believe my brother when he told me the mandarins on the trees would taste super bitter, so I had to try… he was right! Had to get a churros to pass the taste!

Unsure how many kilometers we did today, but we have a few more planned to get to our restaurant!

More adventures tomorrow…

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