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Updates from Mallorca – Family, Food, and Taking in the Sights

By March 11, 2024No Comments

Bonjour from Mallorca!
 I don’t miss a lot from Europe, but the few things I missed could all be found in one single day – family, food, markets, walking, lively street ambiance.

Lots on food today! We went to two restaurants, one called Fabrick and the other one named Vandal, that I both highly recommend. Every single dish was just seasoned to perfection but also tasting like something you’ve never tried before, while at the same time very well presented. The Sepia Cappuccino was especially surprising, so was a not so simple fried egg topped with truffles on an espuma bed.

I really enjoy scrolling down the tiny streets of the city all day. Always remember to look up to find interesting buildings. Don’t forget to peak through open doors to see a variety of cute patios. And just get lost in the labyrinth of streets, as you’ll always end up finding fun wall art, peaceful plazas, yummy food places, churches or a variety of architectures.

We walked to a market to have lunch and were not disappointed at the offering. I especially enjoyed Pimientos de Padron that we all enjoyed snacking on. Every time, I’ve got to check out markets… definitely something that is missing in Colorado Springs.

We added a few cultural visits to our day but food always remains an important part of the day, trying to spot the best food joints the city has to offer.

Off to a different part of the island tomorrow… ciao!

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