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Updates from Mallorca – Cooking in Spain

By March 14, 2024No Comments

Bonjour from Mallorca!
I hope these photos will cheer you up on a snowy day. A bike ride is perfect to exercise while at the same time discovering different parts of the city.

We got to discover more of what Palma has to offer through narrow bike paths, along the sea, through the tiny streets or on the fortifications. We don’t get tired of the basilica, majestuous, impressive and appearing different from various angles.

After our 40km, we went on to take a cooking class in town. On the menu: Suquet de Sobrassada, Paamboli, Spanish Tortilla, Paella and Catalan Cream. Our Chef Riccardo was very knowledgeable, fun and taught us some great tips and tricks. We were lucky to be in an intimate setting so we could all get to prepare the dishes.

We got to eat 5 month old tomatoes, kept perfectly thanks to a local conservation method and a thick skin. It was pretty fun observing my brother prepare a Sepia for the paella, guided by Riccardo’s instructions. The Tortilla was pretty divine, thanks to potatoes perfectly cooked in oil and the paella was enhanced by a family recipe seasoning.

Back to Port de Pollenca with meals on the patio, overseeing the sea, the few tourists, and the bikers taking a break while listening to the Spanish language melody.

A little walk on the hunt for empanadas made us realize that you should get to the bakeries early to find some, and that great bread is a rare find. We had been able to find excellent bread in Palma, made with a levain like we do at TFK, but here, just looking at the aspect of the bread in bakeries, we knew we would sadly get better in a supermarket. Gotta have bread!

Sending you sunny thoughts from hereā€¦

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