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Updates from Mallorca – Bikers & Goats Abound!

By March 17, 2024No Comments

Bonjour from Mallorca!
Here’s a little recap from the past days on the island. If you’re not comfortable passing cyclists on tiny mountain roads, avoid visiting Mallorca from March to May and September to October. You can count more bikes than cars on the winding roads! Wherever you are, you can hear the clicking sound of bikes coasting or the noise of bike shoe cleats from the cyclists exploring the area.

Cap de Formentor was a delight to explore, especially when you hike down some little paths to get to the quiet beaches. Goats were everywhere, more or less pleasant and too used to tourists feeding them.

We took a day to bike on an old railroad dirt path through the countryside and passing old train stations from Arta to Manacor.

Trying food everywhere made us notice that bread is either unsalted here or very lightly salted. If you try it as is, it is quite surprising and not really to my taste, but once you add goodies on it, it actually works pretty well.

We went to another delicious restaurant: 2Kanallas Street Gourmet, Port de Pollença, where they served a “special” aioli that we were warned was not Nutella! We were supposed to spread it on bread, with a touch of olive oil and gourmet salt flakes from the island. Their Mallorca lamb was incredibly tender. Lamb is my favorite meat and I gotta say I rarely ate such a succulent one! The menu included a pasta that was also just perfect with lardons cooked to perfection. Keep the address and avoid the touristy places of the seaside as you’ll discover some hidden gems.

Getting close to saying goodbye to my brother and sister… but the sun is inviting us to one more hike before flying back to France.

Happy Sunday!

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