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Updates from Mallorca – Riding Sa Callobra

By March 20, 2024No Comments

Bonjour from Mallorca!
When you like challenges, it makes you do crazy things!

Goal of the day: do the most epic climb of the island: the Sa Callobra and a bit more. For our “rest” day, only 27 miles but 3,896 ft of elevation, including a 2,282 ft climb.

I have to admit I was not super confident, having never done this before and especially because you have to do the descent first, then the ascent, and there’s no way out!

So… we didn’t have a choice but get to the top! It is definitely worth doing as the views are astonishing and the switchbacks quite fun (more fun on the way down…).

I got my fresh squeezed orange juice at the end and we again treated ourselves with a great meal.

Tips for non-cyclists doing this road or any road by car:

– Get a small car

– Be ready to backup when needed

– Watch for cyclists everywhere you go

– Don’t cut the turns

– Practice parking like a Parisian!

– Parking can be hard

– If you don’t like cyclists, visit the island outside of March-May and Sept-Oct.

More challenges coming soon… because when you start… you can’t stop!

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