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The Grand Colombier Climb

By September 2, 2022No Comments

The Grand Colombier Climb
and Blandine’s Longest Ride Ever!

Today was exhausting! Want to know why? We made it to the top of Col du Grand Colombier, a popular Tour de France climb! Well…. Brad made it to the top… and I met Brad at the top, as my E-bike battery would not have lasted the climb (and the rest of the day), so instead I descended with him and enjoyed the view along the way!
Let’s look at some numbers from today:
  • Grand Colombier: 4914 feet, 22% maximum gradient, 8% average gradient
  • 45 min for Brad to bike (alone) on the toughest climb in France: Col du Grand Colombier, a popular Tour de France climb
  • 50mph top speed for Brad and 40mph for me on the descent from the summit together
  • 101 miles today for me, I broke my record and got my 1st 100 mile ride!!!
  • 15.9 mph my average speed
  • 0% power left from my batteries after 99.5 miles
THAT’S why we’re so exhausted!

The ride was mostly flat today – after the legendary pass – but the distance was intense! We passed through woods, corn fields, more vineyards, lakes and mountains, while still following the Rhone. We did some food souvenir shopping as well and tried some incredibly fresh and delicious honeys. After which, we only had to carry 1kg of Pure White Spring Honey (it’s amazing!) for 10 miles as my parents carried the rest.

One of the highlights from today was Chanaz, a super cute village with an incredible antique store that brought me back to my childhood memories! And check out that illy coffee sign (look familiar?)!

At picnic time, Jackie, my aunt/godmother joined us and then rode a few miles with us. That was very nice!

Tonight, we’re staying at the Mayor’s house – a great mansion, very well redesigned – which is situated close to the ancient village of Perouges. So we headed there for a little visit by foot on the paved streets and ended up in a fantastic restaurant where we enjoyed duck magret and frog legs! And in one of the pictures, you can see a game of Petanque being played under the trees. Petanque is practically a national sport!

Perouges By Night
(and swimming at the Mayor’s Mansion!)

Tomorrow, we’re heading back to Lyon for more great photos!

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