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La Cité du Chocolat

By September 7, 2022No Comments

La Cité du Chocolat:
A Decadent Experience

Today we headed towards the South at a slower pace as Brad needs some recovery time. We only rode 51 flat miles today. Our first stop was Vienne, a gorgeous town full of history. The antique Roman theater hosts a yearly jazz festival. It’s like our Red Rocks, but a bit older.

At one point, we took a wrong turn on a very special street… Second breakfast was needed quickly. Hint: Look at the bread labels closely. All three breads use 3 different types of flours!

We then biked through many vineyards and cute villages until we reached Tournon, another village full of history where my mom had reserved an awesome place to stay at on a pedestrian street.

I guess Brad isn’t too tired
to goof around a little!

Then, in the afternoon, we walked to la Cité du Chocolat – Valrhona – to get the chocolate experience.

Valrhona (the name comes from valley of the Rhone, just like the Via Rhona route we are following) is a sustainable company that creates gourmet delicate chocolate of many origins. You can find it in the USA but be ready to pay the price!

I discovered 2 milk chocolates I especially loved: a gianduja crunchy one called “Secret” and a Choco’Bar Crousti Bar Lait (milk gianduja with crispy cereal pieces and decorated like a Napoleon)!

Sadly, it was too hot so I couldn’t stock up! But the whole experience was incredibly and deliciously decadent!

Enough teasing….

Let’s talk dinner!

We didn’t have much choice on where to eat, as most restaurants were closed either due to lack of staff or because the tourist season is over, but we ended up at Hôtel la Chaumière.

The Chef was alone in the kitchen due to a staff-shortage, but he managed his kitchen like a giant king octopus! (I even went to congratulate him as we are all going through this.)

His cuisine was tasty, “gourmande”, with flavors that were just perfect and uncommon. We tried fish soup (oh my!), lentil & smoked salmon salad, lamb, rabbit and more…

He even managed to get dishes on the table in a timely manner.


After dinner we had fun exploring Tournon by street light!

A demain!
(See you tomorrow!)

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