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From the French Alps… to the Mediterranean Sea!

By September 12, 2022No Comments

We did it!

We made it all the way to the Mediterranean Sea!

The last stage of our epic bike adventure ended today in Saintes Maries de la Mer.

We’ve ridden a total of 1,000 km for Brad and 800 km for me. It’s been the longest distance we’ve ever ridden in such a short time.

This is totally a route worth doing and a pretty easy one!

The passes we did are not a part of the Via Rhona route… those were just for fun!

On part of our last stage, we had the company of one of my cousins who was also wearing The French Kitchen colors.

I also got 3 flats in a row on the hottest and very last part of our ride… not as fun.

Today our route took us through Les Baux-de-Provence, a medieval village built atop a rocky outcrop.

We then descended to Arles, a capital of ancient Rome. Downtown Arles is all pedestrian, which something I really appreciate in France. We enjoyed walking through the city and checked out the gorgeous Amphitheater that regularly hosts plays, concerts, and bullfights.

Then we had a quick dinner before taking an early TGV back to Paris the next day.

We will spend our last weekend in Paris before heading back to Colorado Springs with plenty of new ideas for The French Kitchen!

Being in France
is like being a kid in a candy shop…

…especially when you’re in a candy shop in France!

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