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NEW Private Group Bookings

By August 12, 2021No Comments


Over the course of the last year many people’s situations have changed in so many ways. Some of us are working from home, some of us aren’t ever home now, oh yeah and the whole school situation – don’t get me started. Even with myself, I began with only class assistant duties here at TFK and have seen that role adapt over time just as the business has in order to meet our customers changing needs. Helping during our cooking classes really is one of the highlights of my job as I get to interact with so many different folks and really get to know them over time. Like Chef Janon and I say, it’s an excuse to make new friends and put on a little party every night! Now after having had hundreds of guests come to us for culinary classes there has been one thing I’ve heard at least a few times regarding taking future classes..

“Too bad I’m out of town that week”
“My days off wouldn’t work with that”..

Well, we have a solution for you! We’re finally announcing our Private Group bookings available to all of our TFK family. With this option YOU get to customize the event the way you like. There’s an assortment of menus to choose from and it can even be one of our in-person or virtual class menus – Ladies’ Night Out would be perfect for a party, just sayin’!
As if that weren’t enough, you can also customize your evening by adding on extras like wine or beer that’s been personally selected by our sommelier. All this for groups from 8 up to 40 people so we can accommodate your party no matter the size.

Now I normally wouldn’t do a post about advertising but I legitimately am soo excited to have more private classes. It’s some of the most fun we have in class since everyone comes to celebrate an occasion together and we always have a blast! Birthday parties, girls’ nights, family from out of town or even a “just because” get-together are all a great reason to come on in and have some fun cooking with friends. The other reason this is so handy is because we have A LOT of classes to offer. Being so, it can sometimes be the case that if you miss a class it may not come around again for a couple months or more. Don’t let it get away! Get yourself and friends together and you can request that same menu from class and not have to miss out on a thing.

At a time when people are getting cabin fever and just plain bored of being locked up, get out and do something different! We have so many first timers come in that hadn’t realized just how fun and empowering a cooking class can really be. So instead of going to the movies again like always, come build up your culinary repertoire with skills to last a lifetime and an unforgettable experience! Click here to check out the full details and some menu options.

Drop a comment and let us know what you think and as always, au revoir for now folks.

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